Outdoor Adventures During Your UK Beach Holidays

UK beach holidays are sure to be exciting because of the outdoor adventures you can do. You can have the time of your life in the southwest region of England but you need to organize and plan it well. You can do a plethora of outdoor activities during your UK beach holidays. Whether you want privacy or the fun crowd, you will find it here. Visit historic sites and beaches, gardens and farms, golf clubs and theme parks – if you want to enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

The Pirate Adventure

One of the most fascinating spots that your family would love to go to during your UK beach holidays would be the Pirate Adventure. The Pirate Adventure is open daily from 10 a.m. throughout summer but on weekends during winter. It is best if you can have breakfast before you try out all the activities at the Pirate Adventure. It is home to a 19-hole mini golf course that the parents and children can play together. The unique features in this mini golf course make it a very exciting play for both young and old. While you and your kids are playing golf, you get the chance to know more about the different infamous pirates that you can find along the way.

Sherborne Golf Club

You can visit the Sherborne Golf Club during your UK beach holidays. This is highly recommended for amateurs and beginners because the golf course provides simple and challenging plays to match your golfing skills. It is designed to provide a great game for the newbie. This golf club is also an ideal location for those who want a quiet game set amidst a beautiful environment. It is best to make advance reservations so you are sure you can have a game when you go to the club. There is also a dress code so inquire about this also and follow it appropriately.


You can engage in plenty of water activities at the south west of England such as scuba diving, snorkelling, canoeing, wakeboarding, jet skiing, surfing, and much more. If you want to experience a great diving session during your UK beach holidays, visit Runnelstone. It is one of the best dive sites in the United Kingdom. Runnelstone offers more than just unique underwater habitats for you to explore. You can also see some anchors, propellers, boilers and other wreckage. One of the oldest wrecks in this particular area is the Nile which sunk in 1854. The Porthminster Reef is another popular diving spot. It is just a shallow site which is just 2 minutes away from the St Ives harbour. The beautiful sight of the rich marine life in this area would inspire you.

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